I was asked to contribute to a discussion on BBC News around the side effects of antidepressants and how more informed guidance should be given to those using them.

BBC News – Thurs May 30th Michelle Lloyd Antidepressants from Michelle Lloyd on Vimeo.

2 responses to “BBC NEWS”

  1. I have very recently ( 3 months ago) come off fluoxetine after 19 years. Accidentally at first ( forgetting to pack enough when I went away for 3 weeks) – then continued ‘cold turkey’ after a doctors consultation. Apart from a few rough days I can genuinely say I feel better! I suffered terribly with RLS over the past years – this has now stopped! Posting to make others aware.


  2. Brave and brilliant, Michelle. Great mix of authenticity but also the clear, focussed communication of an expert. A lot of silent cheerleaders out there for you and what you are doing


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