I used to write about music and loved doing so, but everyone’s a music journalist these days and trying to stand out in a sea of gig reviews was nay on impossible. Whilst I still go to gigs and enjoy listening to music, I’m pretty sure the world will survive without me publically gesticulating over a new indie band’s jaunty guitars, so I’ve decided to use my love of writing for something a lot closer to home.

The last couple of years have seen my life as I knew it shift quite considerably and I finally feel in a place where I can share some of my experiences and hopefully make just one person feel a little bit better.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m living with an anxiety disorder and depression and have been for quite some time. It has and does affect every aspect of my life but I’m finally coming to terms with it.

In many ways it’s had a positive impact; allowing me to make constructive changes in my life, but of course there’s the flipside, and boy what a flipside.

I endeavour to share the worst of times and the best of times with you, but most of all I want to share hope – my hope that with challenging the ignorance surrounding mental health and having conversations we can make a difference and essentially save lives.

…but rest assured, it won’t be all woe-is-me and sadness. I like a laugh as much as the next person and anxiety can be utterly ridiculous at times and the only way to deal with it is to laugh, and I hope that we can do this together.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve just read your story on MSN…I’m from Woolton (south Liverpool) 38 been single for over ten years, I don’t have any mental health problems but I have felt lonely now and then, it can be tough. I run a small Ventilation Install company sometimes working across England…which keeps me out of trouble most of the day. When i get home it hits me, but its ok i smoke a spliff.. just one or two… I think there is a lot of people out there taking anti depressant tablets when they could just have some weed, not to much just at night a cocktail hour if you like 🙂

    Well Michelle you seem like a girl I’d like to meet for a chat, lunch, brunch, music & a cocktail… I see your from North wales not to far from where I grew up. I know what you mean about Manchester people say hello…it may be a bit grim up north sometimes, but the people are extraordinary, haha.

    Well good luck Michelle, if your back up here anytime give me a shout.



  2. I read about this blog on a BBC news post. I would like a lot to talk with you. I like to write letters with other persons, also you could help me to practice my english. I´m from Latin America. 🙂


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