• Ain’t no mountain high enough

    A year ago today I undertook the biggest challenge of my life and without sounding melodramatic, it changed my life. I was lucky enough to be chosen as part of Team Wales to undertake Mind’s inaugural 3000s which comprised of a 24hr trek climbing 15 mountains in the green green grass of home; Snowdonia. In classic […]

  • Big Brother’s Watching…

    This time last week I was celebrating my 31st birthday and had a big old party. I hadn’t really celebrated my birthday for a long time; always making plans and then chickening out. Seeing as last year was my 30th and I didn’t do much, I decided this year would be different. I wanted to […]

  • Pure Frustration

    I’ve written before about my struggles with my appearance; feeling fat causing many episodes of self loathing. I’ve never been a very sporty person, never really enjoyed exercising and dipped in and out of gym memberships for many years. I know that exercise is supposed to be one of the biggest aids when it comes […]

  • What’s your problem?

    Since first going to see a doctor about my low mood and anxiety about 5 years ago and due to having lived in various corners of the UK, I have been in and out of various NHS trusts’ psychological services. And I’m sad to say that the support offered is very much a postcode lottery […]

  • Quick Clicks #1

    Twitter is great for providing little bursts of positivity and the above article, shared by The Blurt Foundation, was a much needed virtual pep-talk for me today whilst I was in the depths of self loathing.

  • Compassion

    As a teenager I helped care for my grandfather who I now know had vascular dementia. I knew he was unwell but didn’t really understand the extent or why or what it actually meant. As much as it pains me to say it now, a lot of the time, I just thought he was being […]

  • Beauty and The Beast…

    As a chubby acne-prone teenager, the closest I got to beauty products was a bottle of Clearasil and a tea-tree stick. I was ridiculed for my frizzy hair, my bushy eyebrows and my fat arse or ‘lorry arse’ as I once heard my friend refer to it. I used to gaze at the pretty girls […]

  • Torn on the platform…

    Shit, I’m 5 minutes late. I’m going to miss the 7:52. I’ll have to get the 8:01 and go to London Bridge and get the tube. I hope it’s not busy. I’m so tired I hope that’s not a migraine coming on. Train delayed. 2 minutes. 3 minutes. 4 minutes. I hope all these people […]

  • The morning after the weekend before…

    I’ve toyed with writing this post all day; having vowed to have a break from social media blogging etc. but it just occurred to me on the train home that this is the sort of thing I should be writing about and what I promised to write about. So, as a sort of follow-on to […]

  • Marks To Prove It….

    I’ve been wanting to write something about how music has helped me cope with my mental health issues for a long time; the ability to listen to a certain song or album and disappear is a great help when things get tough. But there’s one band in particular that I owe a lot to and […]